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Yield Feeding

1.  Mobilize your capital

Many projects keep their capital at a standstill, which in the current context generates a high opportunity cost.

2. Make profits

ARTX aims to help these projects by offering them products that generate profits through automated algorithmic trading and different investment strategies.

3. Feed your community

This passive income is used to enhance the value of those projects and distribute rewards to their community.

First working product: ARTEMIS

Artemis is an algorithmic trading bot that automatically manages the wallet and executes buy & sell orders with the goal of making a profit on each of those transactions. It is able to follow different profitable strategies based on advanced quantitative analysis and, for the time being, is developed to perform on symbols based on Tether ($USDT) or Bitcoin ($BTC).


The user keeps his funds in his possession, deposited in his own account on the trading platform (Binance currently). This limits any risk of theft or hacking.

Through an API

Artemis executes its strategies making use of an API (Application Programming Interface) that many platforms make available to users. This API can be limited so that the bot can only buy and sell and not make withdrawals or any other things.


Artemis can be upgraded with different configurations, each one with a different risk performance, so that it can be adapted to the user's risk profile.

ARTX Shares & Yield Feeding Plan

The first step of our plan is to create a Yield Feeding Pool that will start with the 15% of the presale. Using our trading strategies and bots, we will mobilize that pool in order to make profits and generate passive income that will be used to buy back $ARTX Tokens in a monthly basis. We are committed to distribute 80% of all the tokens bought to the steadfast premium holders. Also, due to the volatility of the strategies and the market, we will create an ARTX Treasury Fund of 1MM of $ARTX Tokens, corresponding to the 10% of the total supply in order to be able to distribute Yield among the premium holders also in the months when our bots and strategies do not perform positively.

Holders who maintain at least 10,000 $ARTX in their wallet over a calendar month will be eligible to participate in ARTX Shares. In proportion to the amount of $ARTX hold by the eligible holders, we will distribute the monthly buyback we make with the profits generated by our Yield Feeding Pool or with our ARTX Treasury Fund.

With the advancement of the Road Map we will put into production several new strategies and products that will help us to diversify and maximize the Yield Feeding, generating profits not only from conventional trading bots but tokenized strategies (that will connect DeFi Investors with multiplatform trading bots). Also, our goal is to offer Yield Feeding plans to our customers in order to grow the ecosystem and make Yield Feeding a key value in every financial project.

Using as an example the ARTX Community Yield Feeding Bot that is shown below, and starting from a 100.000 $USDT Yield Feeding Pool, in 63 days we would have been able to buy back 347,200 $USDT worth in ARTX Tokens.

Week Profit ARTX Buying
1 70.08% $70,080
2 4.07% $4,070
3 26.96% $26,960
4 41.51% $41,510
5 60.49% $60,490
6 70.70% $70,700
7 29.87% $29,870
8 -12.21% $0
9 43.52% $43,520

x3 Leverage strategy

On January 1, we put into production a new prototype of a x3 Leverage trading strategy over $USDT symbols that has been developed and tested during the last year and a half.

We are going to run this strategy with the Yield Feeding pool, using the profits to periodically buy ARTX Tokens and creating ever-increasing buying pressure with the sole purpose of buying back every token that we pre-sold.

Follow its performance in real-time via Telegram

Returns and closed operations are being periodicaly published.



Mild $USDT strategy

As an example, this trading strategy is developed thinking on a medium risk/reward Yield Feeding plan. It is part of the current working porfolio. Composed profit on 2020 backtesting has shown this results:

  • Sharpe Ratio: 4.37
  • Monthly profit: 38%
  • Max. Draw Down: -43.4%

*Graph corresponding to compose monthly profits.


Mild $BTC strategy

Regarding BTC accumulation, this trading strategy has also a medium risk/reward profile. It is expected to be on production on 2Q 2021. Composed profit on 2020 backtesting has shown results like this one:

  • Sharpe Ratio: 3.93
  • Monthly profit: 33%
  • Max. Draw Down: -33.7%

*Graph corresponding to compose monthly profits.

Road Map

Token Distribution

Pre-sale (63.5%):

  • 50% will be invested in technology, research and development.
  • 20% will be invested on marketing.
  • 15% will be used for an initial Yield Feeding pool.
  • 15% will be used as liquidity on Uniswap listing.

Team (10%):

  • 50% for research, products and strategies development
  • 25% for technology and software development.
  • 25% for marketing, social media and advertising.
Tokens will be locked for 24 months with a vesting period of six months for each 25%.

ARTX Treasury Fund (10%)

Listing liquidity (6.5%)

Marketing (5%)

Advisors (5%)

Utility benefits

  • Top holders with at least 10,000 ARTX will be eligible to be part of ARTX Shares and benefit from the airdrops of the 80% of the tokens that we will buy back with our Yield Feeding Profits.
  • Holders will have priority when it comes to subscribe to limited tokenized strategies.

The Team

The existence of the team, its functions and expertise is certified by DEXTools.